Zoey Manchester
Day 1

"When’s Ben coming over?"
"Ma, I told you a zillion times already, he said he doesn’t know when he’s getting out from practice yet and he’ll text me later." I yell back, because I was already half way up the stairs, running away from my already-buzzed-at-three-P.M. mother. I toss my bookbag on the chair in the corner, kick off my shoes, put them as the door stop, and flopp on my bed. Just laying there. My iTunes playing Death Cab across the room, pastel yellow walls, pictures on my walls, but most of all the pleasure my body felt as I just lay in bed in a ball, finally getting away from the bullshit of school all day in my thirty by twenty-five foot sanctuary. I just wait for the relaxation to hit me completely, diving into the music, forgetting about everything that had gone on this past week. -

I roll over and flutter my eyes open, it had gotten a lot darker since I last had them open and I realize I fell asleep. I sit up and groggily reach for my cell phone on my nightstand, and fall short because I sat up to fast. After a de-briefing moment, I reach for my phone again, only to smack it, right off the stand. Just my fucking luck, huh. I start moving out from under the covers that I somehow got under, and lightly press my tip toes against the floor and my heels against my bed frame using them as support to pick up my drama-box. 6 new messages. Three from Twitter, one from Bob and another from Marc, and a notification from T-Mobile telling me my bill was paid. I must say, I dunno what bothered me more, the fact that half my messages were Tweets from band members, no social life, or that none of them were from Ben, no love life. You would think after being blown off three times these past two weeks I should give up, but the fact that it was only seven gave me hope. I laid back down, tossing my phone across the room onto my chair, just to get back up and turn the light on because it had gotten dark. I stood there looking at my backpack, knowing I should do my math, after a few seconds hesitation and a groan I start to lean toward my bag, oh goodie homework time. Just as I’m about to pick up my bag my phone goes off and I do a mad dash , hoping for that one little text message that’ll brighten everything up, only to be disappointed by another tweet. I gotta un-subscribe to these people’s mobile notifications. I toss the phone back and start toward my bag but stop halfway at my bed and collapse into a ball. Is a text to much to ask for? Why am I even worrying, it’s not like we’re together. Maybe I should just move on, that’s probably what’s bes-. I’m on my feet again. 1 new message. “hey im sorry I took so long I just got in the car and I’m on my way over now” I couldn’t help but smile, till I realized my room was kinda messy. I pick up all the clothes off the floor, clean and dirty mattered no more as I threw everything in the hamper. I glance around and there wasn’t much else except some change that I kicked into a pile, picked up, and threw into my change cup on top of my dresser. I check my complexion, fix my running make up, grab a mint with a chuckle and a mumble, and shake out my bedhead, before running downstairs so I can hear the doorbell.

I don’t think anything is worse then rushing to get ready because you think someone is going to be there shortly but ends up being ten minutes later then expected. Ending up pacing around, checking your phone and the door occasionally, spacing out on the tv even though you don’t care about whatever was left on. Also equipped with many mixed emotions of angst, happiness, excitement, and crankiness. Till finally they’re standing on your doorstep ringing your doorbell. I open the door to see him, in all his glory, looking down at me in the eyes smiling. Butterflies.
"Welcome to my humble abode, this way to my quarters," I said, in an english accent while motioning my arm, like showing a display, toward the stairs. Even though my mom had already gone who knows where and I was home alone I still preferred my room to anywhere else.
"Thank you kind sir," he said with a smirk and stepped inside and past me, bringing his breeze of Old Spice past me. Geez, I missed his smell, so much. I close the door fast and turn around to find him staring at me. I smile awkwardly, to suppress the anxiety-vomit building in my stomach, and walk past him nudging his shoulder and start toward the stairs. I get into my room and I head straight for my computer and open iTunes and turn it off. I turn around to find Ben laying on my bed, his feet off the edge.
"So," I said "what movie?" I pick up the remote and smile all pretty at him.
"It’s whatever." He says as he looks back at me and smiles that genuine smile that puts that glimmer in his eyes and the knots in my stomach. I sit down, right in front of his lower torso, and go to the on demand menu. I end up highlighting one of the Cheech and Chong movies. Classic, everyone loves them! I turn to him and gesture the remote, or my hand if you will, toward the tv. He nods and I turn around and hit ‘ok’ on the remote and wait to make sure it works till I see an image. I toss the remote onto my chair, right next to my phone, and lay down. This is probably my favorite thing, the whole awkward about to cuddle thing. Now or never I guess, not like it’s even a big deal, we’re both single now and he obviously has feelings for me. I put my head on the pillow, knowing he’d follow suit. When he finally decides to move up I move back into him so I can feel his torso touching mine, before he gets comfortable, and he puts his arm around my waist and we sat there and blissfully cuddled for a long time, no talking just being close to each other ‘watching’ the movie. Lemme just say, I dunno what it is about cuddling that makes you horny but it definitely does. I kind of want to take this slow, but he’s so lovely looking. What if he doesn’t even want to take it slow and I’m waiting, or whatever, for nothing. It doesn’t have to go that far I mean. Then, almost as if right on que, I recognized his pelvic sword was kinda hard through his basketball shorts.
"How was practice?" I blurted out. Of all things to say
"it was exhausting, sorry I’m so boring, I’m wicked tired. Ha…" He said nervously, interrupting my mental self beating.
"It’s no big deal, I’m just glad you’re here, especially after ditching me so many times." I said. Trying to ignore the thing between his thighs and mine.
"What?" He said.
I turned around and faced him, so he could hear me and I could get his boner off my mind, and legs.
"I’m glad you’re here, is all." I said and couldn’t help but get lost in his beautiful, glimmery, brown eyes and smile like an idiot. Thankfully, he smiled back and I intertwined my leg between his. Something about symmetrical body parts intertwining makes me feel peaceful. He smirked and I couldn’t help myself anymore and I leaned in and kissed him, bringing my hand to his face. Nothing had ever felt so right in my life, no moment so heart stopping, no other set of lips had made mine get so tingly before. It was one of those kisses you see in movies and on soap operas, so passionate and dramatically long. My lips didn’t find a need to part from his. He brought his hand up to my face and continued to kiss me back, tightened his grasp around my waist, gradually moving his hand to the back of my head. I pulled back only to go back in but more in an open way this time. After a good minute of slow making out I was somehow straddling him, still pressing my face into his. Then the credits came and passed and the on demand promoter chick was getting on my nerve so I got up and turned the tv off and turned around and smiled a genuine smile, probably the first in a good month. The funny thing is I was abut to give up. I was gonna move on, but I couldn’t. I gave in to his charm and just went with it. I don’t want anything else, I don’t need anything else, I just lust for his lips against mine. I kissed him one more time before letting him leave. Soon as the door closed I missed him, soon as the door closed I was a goner, I was his, he had me in the palm his hand. I knew it as well as everyone else. I also knew that it wouldn’t end well, just like everyone else.

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